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The re-launch

It’s finally here! After months of planning, cake designing and a million and one emails, the re-launch of Cake Empire is here (Woo!). Once I left my full time job and decided to focus on Cake Empire full time I decided to change the direction of my business which involved a whole new makeover which included a new website and new products. I started the month off by writing a list as long as my arm of things I planned to bake and decorate, which would show off my various skills in cake decorating, from a three tier galaxy themed cake to a bloodied ripped out human heart cake.

After adding more detail to the list, crossing off crazy long cake projects and brain storming new delicious cake flavours I was finally finished and could start on my 5 week adventure. I wanted to start on the longest part of my project which was the bespoke cakes, these were made out of either rice krispie treats or Styrofoam, the Christmas themed cakes however were actual fruit cake which of course made the kitchen smell heavenly.

In all honesty majority of the bespoke cakes made was not on my list as I had finished my original list way earlier (yay me) than expected, cakes such as the hot cross bun and the human heart, were inspiration from cake videos I saw on line by the talented Laura Loukaides (Hot cross bun) and Yolanda Gamp (human heart) who was also one of my inspirations for my storm trooper cake which I talk about in another blog.

I then moved on to cupcake toppers for the cupcake collections and a few options for wholesale. I decided to add cupcake collections to my website for people who like to see what they’re getting and at what price instead of shopping around and not knowing exactly what kind of design they want for the occasion they’re shopping for. It’s extremely easy to enquire about our collections, just fill out the contact form with what you want including flavour, the date you want it and whether you will collect or want it delivered and I’ll message you back with an invoice depending on availability on the date chosen.

Finishing off the cupcakes and the cake jars was the last thing to do before the photo shoot for my brand new website (check out our cake jars blog for more information). Fast forward to the day of the photo shoot, me and my assistant managed to squeeze in numerous cake boxes into the back of the large taxi while looking back at the cakes countless times every time we heard a bump or something shift while driving, I believe all cake designers can resonate with that!

After a 45 minute drive we got to the venue where it started to pour down with rain as soon as we were about to get out… lucky us right? After about 15 minutes waiting in the car, the rain stopped only to realise there was another obstacle staring at us.. two flights of stairs, bear in mind we can only carry one tall cake box at a time, with over 12 boxes in the boot of the car! Once we retrieved all the boxes we got set up and began with the photo shoot with Charlie (

Once the photos were retouched I then passed them over to my website designer Kate ( for them to be edited to match the style of the website. Both Charlie and Kate have helped tremendously in the success of my re launch and look forward to working with them both in the future! I hope you enjoyed reading about how I got through this 5 week journey and hope to share more journeys with you. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our news!

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