Pickle Rick Birthday Cake

It’s Pickle Rick!

I absolutely love making cakes for my family as I give them no say on the design making me be in complete control! I try to outdo myself each year for each sibling, and in April 2018 it was my sisters turn who was turning the big two-five. We both regularly watch the same shows and since I had done The Walking Dead cake which became extremely popular and I got a lot of requests for it, I decided to go with an another popular show called Rick and Morty which can be found on Netflix.

There are many hilarious episodes I could have chosen to take inspiration from, but I decided to go with the Pickle Rick episode as this was the first episode I was shown by my brother after wondering why everybody in my house kept shouting “ Pickle Rick!” and laughing about it.

For inspiration I looked on Pinterest to see if I could see any other Pickle Rick cakes, there were a few pictures and a couple videos which were great help to look at, but since I didn’t want to miss any detail that would make this pickle actually look like Rick, I decided to screenshot a picture of him from the actual episode and used that as my reference.

I started by freehand drawing an outline of his shape on paper then cut it out and used it as a template to carve the cake. Once ganached I rolled up balls of icing and randomly placed them over the cake to make it have the bumpy pickle look. I then covered the cake in light green icing and airbrushed it a darker green especially around the bumps to give it more definition. The eyes, nose and mouth were all done by eye, but to anyone who wants to replicate this and doesn’t feel comfortable doing it by eye you can always print/trace the shapes, cut them out then use it as a template.

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