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Cake Jars

These moreish cake jars are the perfect gift for someone special, they can be gifted at children’s birthday parties, hen parties, wedding favours and many more. Want more than one flavour? Contact us today to create a bespoke assortment box.

Birthday Cake

Fluffy, light vanilla sponge layers with raspberry jam and smooth vanilla buttercream. A timelessly tasty treat.


Lemon Burst

Our moist lemon sponge topped with zesty buttercream, perfect for you lemon lovers.



The name says it all! Our fluffy indulgent chocolate cake is packed with chocolatey goodness paired with our rich chocolate buttercream.


Royal Red

An iconic cake flavour and party favourite. Our red velvet cake is visually enticing with its intense colour and is packed full of flavour which is perfectly paired with our vanilla buttercream.

Bubble Gum Cake Jar - Blue sponge - Cake Empire

Bubble Gum

Delicious bubble gum frosting topped with 100’s and 1000’s sandwiched between bright pink and blue sponges. A colourful delight!


Salted Caramel

Choose either our fluffy vanilla sponge or our decadent chocolate sponge to be paired with our smooth and creamy salted caramel topped with fudge pieces.


Cookie Dough

Our moist chocolate sponge paired with indulgent cookie dough frosting, topped with a scrumptious cookie. Even Cookie Monster would be jealous of this one!


Apple crumble and custard

Our apple crumble cake is moist and light with the perfect blend of spices, layered with luscious custard buttercream and topped with a tasty crumble.

  • Birthday Cake
  • £ 13.50

    Set of 3

  • Standard

    £4.50 each

  • Lemon Burst
  • £ 13.95

    Set of 3

  • Standard

    £4.65 each

  • Chocoholic
  • £ 14.40

    Set of 3

  • Standard

    £4.80 each

  • Royal Red
  • £ 15.90

    Set of 3

  • Standard

    £5.30 each

  • Bubble Gum
  • £ 16.50

    Set of 3

  • Premium

    £5.50 each

  • Apple Crumble & Custard
  • £ 17.10

    Set of 3

  • Premium

    £5.70 each

  • Cookie Dough
  • £ 17.70

    Set of 3

  • Premium

    £5.90 each

  • Salted Caramel
  • £ 18.75

    Set of 3

  • Premium

    £6.25 each

Professional cake, exactly what I had asked for. The most amazing cake I have ever eaten.

Iscah Miller

Amazing service as well as amazingly designed cakes, thank you!

Edna Asamoah

Great tasting cake, amazing delivery services and 5* service. Would definitely use and recommend and use again.

Andrew Mak

Had the best birthday cake ever, it was the centrepiece of the party and everybody couldn’t take their eyes off it. Would 100% recommend.

Rachel Brown

Amazing fireman red velvet cake, will definitely order again.

Malachi Grant-Burrell

Amazing cake designs! Produced a fabulous cake for my birthday. Way beyond expectations.

Brandon Palmer

The cake tasted amazing, a lot of thought went into the design. Overall it was a well made personalised cake. Would definitely recommend!

Andre Buchanan

Cake Empire will not be taking on any orders after Saturday 20th July 2019