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5 tips for gluten free baking

Baking gluten free can be pretty tricky, I for one have had my own disastrous mishaps but I’m here to help you let go of that fear and get baking!. Clients often ask me for gluten free cakes either because they themselves are celiac or somebody at the party is or it’s for dietary reasons. Whatever your reason are I’m sure these 5 tips can help you become a gluten free baking master!

  1. Use gums such as Xantham gum
    Xantham gum is used to replace the gluten in traditional flour, it adds volume and structure. It also improves crumb texture (so less of the crumbing, yaay). Always combine this gum with dry ingredients as combining it with wet ingredients can make it more difficult to work with.
  2. Use leavening products
    Gluten free items need more leavening than it would with normal flour, so an increase in baking powder and bicarbonate of soda is vital. However remember to use gluten free baking powder, I usually use Doves Farm gluten free baking powder.3. What flour should I use?
    There are many flours out there that you can use for gluten free baking such as quinoa flour, buckwheat flour, tapioca flour and many more. It is best to use more than one flour when making gluten free baked goods as it helps prevent just one flavour or texture dominating the final product. However even though flours like potato flour and millet flour are gluten free sadly they do not work well in gluten free baking.4. Lower baking temperature
    Gluten free bakes tend to brown more easily than baking something with regular flour so remember to turn the oven down.5. Why is it not sticky!?
    Don’t panic! Gluten is the part of the wheat that gives it its stickiness, so when you’re baking gluten free you’re going to have a less sticky result. You can add xantham gum (also mentioned in the first tip) or use sweet rice flour which will give you more stickiness.

I hope these 5 tips help you on your next baking adventure! Tag us in your gluten free bakes for a chance to get featured on our socials.

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