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5 Reasons to order your next bespoke cake

“Why do cake makers charge so much?” is a question that gets asked by many individuals once they receive their cake quote from a cake maker, even though there are many more than five reasons, I wanted to give a little breakdown into the world of making cake and why we charge more than the traditional supermarket cake prices.

Its personal
Each cake is custom made to your requirements, so the size, design and shape is all up to you! This can take numerous hours to prepare depending on the complexity of the design, but this is why bespoke cakes are the ultimate gift as the recipient would know you put thought into it and it tastes amazing!

It will be the centrepiece of the party
Whether it would be over 4 foot tall or the width of a Mini Cooper your cake will catch the eye of all your guests, which makes your party more memorable. The more complex the cake design, the more knowledge about cake/cake structure is needed in order to make it which takes copious amounts of practice!

No Hassel
To book in your cake order the necessary information is as follows; 1. The date the cake is needed, this is so that the date you require your cake is available and has the necessary free time slots available for your cake to be delivered/collected. 2. The amount of people you’re trying to feed, this determines the size of cake(s) needed to make sure your cake feeds to correct amount of people. 3. The desired flavour and filling of your cake, this contributes to the quote of the cake as the price of making a cake varies on the flavour chosen. Last but not least number 4. The design of the cake, this makes up majority of the base of your cake quote as the biggest expense is the labour involved in creating custom designs. Whether you’ve sketched the design yourself or found your dream cake on Pinterest a picture is 100% helpful when asking for a quote. Once all these four requirements are finalised, just sit back and relax and let us prepare for the big event!
The surprise
Who doesn’t liked being surprised with cake! I think the best part of my job is seeing the recipients face once the cake has been revealed as it makes it all the hard work worth it, especially when I see little children freak out when they see their favourite superhero in edible form. Here are some ideas on how you can surprise somebody with cake! 1. Gender reveal cake 2. Anniversary cake 3. Graduation cake 4. Get well soon cake 5. Hen/Stag party cake, the list could go on!

Freshly made and decorated to order
Since every cake is a bespoke order they would need to be baked close to the date needed either for collection or delivery ensuring that your cake is as fresh as possible. With every cake order purchased from Cake Empire there’s an information card which gives you storage instructions to ensure your order doesn’t go stale quicker than it needs to be, as well as a cutting guide to show you how to get the most of your cake!

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